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1.5 star rating

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  • 5.0 star rating


    This move went smoothly considering we went through a broker and knew very little about the company. Couldn't of gone any better with a limited amount of time and us being quite literally not prepared with any extra materials.

    MoveON was understanding of our situation and fulfilled any extra moving materials we needed, heightening our moving experience even further. I have been through moves in the past that were not nearly as efficient and those were thoroughly planned out.

    So the fact that this move went without any major issues is quite the surprise. Pickup and drop off worked acdording to schedule. Our items are in good shape and do not require any replacements or immediate fixes. This company outperformed our expectations and we would hire them again all over again!

  • 1.0 star rating


    This has to be the absolute worst moving company in the world. Don't let them tell you anything.. they lie. I was supposed to have my stuff picked up the 8th of November in San Diego and they said dropped off in Vegas on the 9th.
    Well the morning if the 8th I get a call that the truck can't make it. I tried to call the company for two hours straight no one answered so I left messages still no return call. And then I thought yo mysrlf. They got a hold if me when I wanted a quote so I went to website and asked for a quote. Guess what they called me back within a few minutes. The manager did not listen or care about what I had to say. Said that when I first talked to the Matt guy that what he said wasn't true. Oh yes and this manager Bianca hung up on me. Well we set it up this way because my husband had to be in Vegas to sign the lease that Friday. So….. My husband had to leave to sign lease and the next available time I had off was Sunday so they scheduled that day. Between 8-10 am. Well the night before a truck driver calls and says that he won't be able to make it between 8-10 but he will call me by 10 the next day to give me the time. At 10 am I received no phone call. I tried to call the number several times but he never answered until 2 pm. He said he will be heading my way with in the next hour. That would be 3. He did not arrive till 8 pm and left around 10:45.
    When I talked to them about Sunday pick up I asked if I could have drop off on Monday. They said yes. So Monday I flew to Vegas because my husband had to start his new job. So I fly there and by 3 I had talked to someone saying that the truck would not get there till after hours. So I wasted a trip. Then the following day they call me at 11 and tell me they can deliver it from 2-4. Well I'm back in San Diego and my husband couldn't leave work on such short notice. So we said no. I wish we would have said yes because then maybe we could have our stuff.
    So Friday I called and they had no openings for delivert, maybe Mon or Tues of this week. So at this point my husband has to buy a blow up mattress, a chair, a table, a cup,spoon,knife and fork.
    So yesterday tues the 20th I get a call saying they will deliver it today the 21st from 9-11. My husband now has to take off work. So he is waiting and surprisingly they show up. But was told that they disassemble the beds at pick up and assemble when they drop off. Nope they don't. Our couch was left outside because they couldn't fit it in the door so instead if going to get tools or something they just left everything. And guess what couch is outside. Andy husband is now trying to find tools to disassemble the couch and will try to get it in the place. It's heavy..
    I called the people and surprise to me they answered and I got blamed for not having driver take apart the couch. She said they left and they are not coming back.
    These people are rude, mean, dishonest and don't know how to run a company!
    Please don't use them. I have been stressed for weeks because of this. Not worth it.
    They say all the right things in the beginning. All are lies!

  • 1.0 star rating


    We ended up with these scammers because we booked the move through a broker. On the day of pick-up, Vincent and Sergio sat in their U-Haul truck for 40 minutes, eating pizza and vaping, and then left for another hour and a half because they said their bigger truck was illegally parked. Then they rushed through the rest of the move, leaving behind items that they'd already charged us extra for! We tried calling them and MoveOn several times, but everything was sent straight to voicemail.

    Then we waited over a month to even get confirmation of when our items would leave the warehouse. We only got a response saying it had left after we had our attorney call them. Michelle in Customer Service claimed we hadn't been charged extra, then when we sent her the actual bill of lading, said that it was proper that we had been charged extra. The moving truck showed up two and a half days past the delivery window, and we had to argue with dispatch to get the price due reduced to take that into account, despite the contract specifically saying that they had to do that. Michelle in Customer Service said that it wasn't "really late" so it shouldn't matter. All of the furniture was destroyed or damaged and labels were missing from boxes. Boris, the driver, said that every other load they'd unloaded that day had been as badly damaged.

    We still haven't received an apology from MoveOn for how we were treated by Vincent and Sergio, and they aren't refunding the overcharge for space for items that were never loaded. In response to the damage, they are just referring us to an arbitrator.

  • 1.0 star rating


    Trying to get a hold of this company after they picked up our things over a week ago with no call back or communication. Getting worred.

  • 1.0 star rating


    This has been the worst experience. I have moved cross country three times without a single broken glass. From my mattress being destroyed to missing boxes to getting someone else's box. I was charged an additional $200 upon delivery (which was hours late) without significant explanation and no receipt pretty sure the driver put it in his pocket. I had to threaten legal action to get email responses and never received invoices for storage after initial one. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  • 1.0 star rating


    If I could give this company a minus I would. It took them over a month after my deliver date to deliver my items. We paid $12000.00 for our move from Las Vegas to Arizona and I have yet to unpack a box that doesn't have damage. My items were definitely NOT stored in a climate controlled facility as you will see in the photos of the candles that melted all over my stuff. I have a 65 inch BROKEN TV, a $500 sit stand desk that had footprints and sticky stuff on it. A $1000 computer that is now JUNK. My boxes looked like rats were eating them. They do NOT answer email or phone calls and when they do finally answer the phone they give you the run around. Not only am I filing a claim with this company, but I will be hiring a lawyer as well, since they clearly voided the contract by not storing my items in a climate controlled facility for the almost 2 months they had it. Seriously stay away from this company. The workers clearly do NOT value their job or your belongings. Nicole and Ivan, nice try. Apparently someone is paying you to fill out and post surveys, and showing ONE house that you sent actual movers to isn't fooling anyone! My pictures and the pictures of others show what really happens.

  • 1.0 star rating


    This company was contracted by a brokerage company I planned my move with and they basically threatened me into paying more money when they came to deliver because the broker left out information on the contract. Said it wasn't their concern. They showed up one day late at pick up and didn't delivery my belongings for 3 weeks after they picked up. Also overcharged me on additional fees.

  • 1.0 star rating


    These were professional scammers and they were not ashamed about it. On the day of pick-up, they showed up late in a truck that had someone else's stuff trashed. They were contracted to pack and load. They had no boxes, blankets, or packing materials. They tried to overcharge us an additional $4000. The broker was nowhere to be found and the MoveOn dispatcher was a scam artist who threatened us multiple times to pay the additional money and use their service. They knew we were in a bind and we had already paid a $2800 deposit. They cost us thousands of dollars to find another way to move. I have never seen something so unprofessional, unethical, and illegal and I have moved many times. The deposit was never returned. I see no reason whatsoever under any circumstance to use this company unless you enjoy being taken advantage of.

  • 1.0 star rating


    Scammers indeed! We booked through a broker (who was a mess all on their own) and we ended up with these cons. First of all, they charged us an extra amount that was initially waived by the broker. When we tried to dispute, they basically held our stuff hostage. We also got 45 minutes notice that they were showing up instead of the promised 24-48 hours notice. They came, they used moving supplies that weren't ours (thanks, sis), and then charged us more because apparently the cost of the move wasn't calculated by weight, but instead by "square feet." Really?! That's something new. They left and we thought, ok, our stuff is on our way now–they have 14 days. Well, the 14 days in the contract isn't designated as being "business days" so we tried calling and calling to no answer because they're "closed on weekend." When we did reach someone, they told us our stuff had to be loaded on a different truck. So now our stuff has moved twice and we haven't even gotten it yet. Then we called again and they told us "we haven't left yet, we're still in the window" three days out from the deadline. Well once they did call with a time they'd arrive, we said "you're two days later from your 14 day contractual agreement–take the promised $50 off our bill." They basically laughed and said "That's 14 business days." Our stuff was supposed to come on Friday, then apparently was pushed to Sunday (surprise, the truck broke down, AGAIN), then guess what, looks like everything is coming on Monday. They show up late, and ask my spouse if they could leave for an hour to do another job and come back. My spouse, who is too nice, agrees. They didn't come back for 3.5 hours! To top it all off, the driver was apparently "not supposed to move items." So, they sent one guy to move a one bedroom apartment worth of stuff up three flights of stairs? My husband ended up helping so we could just have our stuff back. TL;DR: they changed the prices, took too long to deliver our stuff, did not adhere to their own "agreement", trucks broke down multiple times, showed up then left to do another job, showed up 3.5 hours later to "finish our job," then had ONE mover to move an entire apartment. Don't walk, RUN AWAY from these con artists.

  • 1.0 star rating


    Updated review

    Horrible company! They damaged several of my items and lost others.
    Now, "Kathy" of MoveOn Moving won't return our repeated phone calls.

    MoveOn Mover's claims company, CSI, did their job researching our claim, but CSI tells us that "KATHY" at MoveOn Movers won't return their calls either.

    Never, Never let any moving company sub contract MoveOn Movers for your move….AND NEVER NEVER USE MOVEON MOVERS!!

    Yelp removed my prior post due to my use of full names, so I removed "Kathy's" last name.

    Hopefully this awful company folds up before they hurt more people.

    1.0 star rating


    Previous review

    Several items arrived broken or parts missing. Not real happy with MoveOn Movers.
    It appears much of…

    Read more

  • 1.0 star rating


    I wish I could give 0 stars, because 1 Star is being VERY giving. We used a broker who then assigned us to MoveOn. I regret the decision to go this route! I was moving from California to Colorado and had so much to do, especially with working full time, I didn't have time to do a whole lot of research into moving companies. Hence using a broker.

    I wish I would've done the research because if I did and saw these reviews, which are all very accurate, I would NOT have used this company.

    This whole process was the biggest nightmare.

    Pick up was alright. Our window was 9-11 and got a call closer to 11 that their "truck broke down" and would be there closer to 3. At the time I figured, "yeah those things happen. It's okay." Little did I know that would set the tone for the rest of this process. They finally got there at 3 and didn't finish packing up a small 2 bedroom condo till 7pm. I noticed them loading up boxes that were on their sides. Another red flag. Who does that?? I packed up the boxes figuring they would stay upright.

    We were told our stuff would arrive in 7-10 days. Cool. Our broker guaranteed the move in 2 weeks. We waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing. Finally hit the 10 day mark. Multiple calls to the broker and moveon and could get nothing going. We were constantly told we weren't on the schedule. It felt like they were holding our stuff hostage.

    2 weeks went by and now our broker didn't live up to their guarantee. This is around when I found the yelp reviews and lost sleep over knowing our stuff might not get here for a lot longer and everything would be destroyed.

    Finally, 3 weeks later, we were given a transport departure date of Thursday, arrival on Saturday! Thursday came and went, no call. We called to see what was up and didn't receive a call back. Realized they responded a day later via EMAIL. They couldn't even bother to return our call. They didn't leave Thursday, surprise surprise.

    It got to the point that I started calling other moving companies to have them pick up my stuff from moveon and bring it to me.

    They left Saturday and would be there Sunday at 5. Got a call Sunday at about 4:45 saying they were running late (is anyone surprised??) and had one drop off before ours. They got here around 7:30.

    Unload was fairly quick but it took everything in me to not cry at the look of my boxes and stuff! Boxes were squished, cracked, open. My beautiful kitchen table has a horrible large scratch/stain! An entire box of kitchenware was broken. Every. Piece. I packed everything up with care and an abundance of packing bubbles.

    This was a novel but I want to make sure everyone doing their research, like smart people, knows how horrible this company is. Stay far far away! This is no joke. I'm a generous, understanding person and never thought I would be writing such a horrible review.

    EDIT: I have tried multiple times to attach the photos of all the damage but they aren't saving to my post. I wonder if the company has somehow stopped allowing people to share photos because they are so bad.

  • 1.0 star rating


    I have moved 6 times in the past 14 years, 4 of them interstate. MoveON was not just the worst, it was the worst by far. A look at their ratings and BBB standing is enough to scare anyone off.
    Unfortunately, I booked this move with a move broker (Yelp will not let me name the broker here). If you are planning a move, be *sure* you understand the difference between a mover and a move broker. The broker shopped my move to these guys.
    We will be months and hundreds of dollars, recovering. The team, contracted for a full pack and move, simply crammed stuff into boxes. When packing up my workbench, they simply shoveled the tools (neatly arranged in drawers, in the workbench) into a huge box. This included the the things I'd carefully separated out, because they were sharp. In order to unpack I'm going to have to root around in heavy sharps.
    The wardrobes from our bedrooms were not used to hang clothes. Instead the clothes were pulled will-ye nil-ye from their hangars and stuffed. One box was half clothing, then all of the open bottles from the bath. The open hydrogen peroxide, of course, leaked, and ruined 7 or 8 shirts
    Our china has been smashed, our paintings scraped and torn and our clothing ruined. And for this they demanded an extra $6K, in cash, before they would unload the truck.
    When these guys showed up with their rental trucks and practically no packing material we should have run away.
    Learn from our mistakes! Avoid move brokers and MoveOn

  • 1.0 star rating


    This is the worst moving company ever. We have moved many times over the years and this was by far the worst experience ever. They picked up our items in two trucks and estimated we had 4,000 cubic feet and 28,300 lbs. After weighing the trucks the final weight was supposedly within 100 lbs. yet when the delivery came it was only one larger truck and they told us the trucks were overweight and our stuff had to be moved to the one larger truck. What a disaster. We had 200 items with no number on them. Over 100 items were mislabeled, several totes were delivered empty that were full when loaded. Many items missing, police were called, so much damage, many large items not even unwrapped, etc, etc, etc. After transferring our items to one truck there was no weight taken again to prove we got all of our stuff. This company is a scam and I would never do business with them again. We are filing for arbitration at this point.

  • 1.0 star rating


    Updated review

    One star is too good for this company. Do not use this company!!! They are also known as move on movers too. After they had my belongings on their truck and after I paid them they wanted 2000 dollars more for an 8 hour drive. This is after I paid 2600. I did not have the extra money and they kept my stuff. That was in December and it is now almost July. They won't return my calls and tried to blame it on my husband that he refused the delivery. That's bogus. I'm a hard working nurse (licensed vocational nurse) so I don't make that much to cover those kind of costs. If I did have that extra money I would have paid it to get my belongings cause I have all my personal items especially from my deceased parents that cannot be replaced.

    They didn't even show up for small claims court until the third time and then the judge said it had to go to Clark county instead. Do not use this company, either name.

    When I went to their business after a four and a half hour drive, supposedly the only person that could help me wasn't there. Imagine that. Horrible company. When I asked if I can just get my personal stuff back and that they could keep the rest to sell and pay the bill which is now 6000 instead of 4200, they said they couldn't break up the shipment and now they are taking me to court. And I didn't even sign the paperwork. My ex roommate signed the paperwork and she wasn't even allowed to sign for me. I was suppose to sign it on delivery.

    I know this is long but I just want to advise people not to use this company. I went thru a broker so I didn't even pick this company. Now I fear that I've lost my belongings for good including family heirlooms that only mean something for me.

    Thank you for reading this post.

    1.0 star rating


    Previous review

    This company is horrible. They charged me extra and them when my stuff was on the truck they wanted…

    Read more

  • 5.0 star rating


    I contracted with a broker for a move from San Diego, CA to Cleveland, OH. He scheduled me with MoveOn Moving for my packers. I have moved with professional movers five times, once cross-country, the other 4 local. Vincent (team lead) and Sergio were fantastic. I was looking for people to wrap my furniture, TVs and some items too big for my packing boxes. I had packed everything else that was going.

    #1: excellent protection. Thick, seamed edge furniture blankets wrapped every edge, every Queen Anne pedestal top and leg, completely encased a separate countertop. All secured with packing tape. They never touched a wall or doorframe, even though the things were wrapped. They took everything. Any boxes they felt were in need of a bit more protection, they did. All my 36 inch LED TVs were encased in cardboard, then loaded.

    #2: complete explanation of events and costs. I had an estimate based on photographs, and I felt that I had more than estimated. I was not surprised that my costs went up, and it was fair. They kept the discount, so it wasn't outrageous, and I was told way before packing what he estimated the reality to be (after he saw the actual stuff). He was right on the money for his estimate, and not a single extra charge for all the wrapping and packing of the stuff I couldn't box.

    #3: efficiency: this team knew what they were doing; they worked in a rhythm, little chit-chat; when they got to my apartment, they were ready to go. No complaints about stairs (you get the first 10 free, but there are always some workers who complain anyway), no music blasting/earphones, no breaks, just solid work.

    #4: extra stop: I couldn't get some items out of storage in time for the movers. It was 2 miles away. The operations manager told me over the phone that they would do it for $50. Sign me up!!! Again, they knew about it, I took them there, quick work of a few furniture items, and done!!!

    #5: courtesy: If everyone in the service industry would be this polite, calm, solution-oriented, and knowledgeable in their business, there would be no need for Yelp. Vincent was a pro from the word go. Worked hard, team player, yet definitely the lead and deservedly so. Sergio was quiet and hard-working, asked questions when he needed to, but mostly independent and efficient. I was so pleased with both men.

    I'm not sure why, but there was some problem getting to my place within the 2 hour time frame. Vincent kept me posted, but it did give me a little more time to pack. So it all came out in the wash for the best!!!! Best dang packer team I've seen in a LONG time!!!

  • 1.0 star rating


    BEWARE The worst nightmare, they booked out to move on movers, 90% of our items were destroyed. Not just that, but the rate doubled when they arrived 3 hours late. Rude, told us either this or someone else. Didn't even have enough space to take all our items. House was sold, they didn't come back for 2 more days, missing the time frame the realtor was waiting. No return calls from this company basically saying it's not our problem. Seriously? We moved across state lived on the floor for a week never knowing when our items would arrive. No calls back from Charter, nor Move on Movers. When they did it was horrific, before they would take anything off the truck they wanted cash or a cashiers check and yet again another 100.00. It goes on and on. We are currently disputing and asking for a full refund. Also, we contacted the better business bureau. No star. Also, stolen jewelry, as well as illegal actions. A second letter will address this as well.

  • 1.0 star rating


    If I could give zero stars I would! The most stressful and painful part of our move was caused by Move On moving!

    If you have had the same poor experience as we did you can also contact the BBB, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and American Moving and Storage Association to provide feedback and help in resolution. Move On is registered as Queen Business Solutions Llc under USDOT 2463017.

    We had no choice when selecting a mover because we used a broker, that was our mistake. Had we known Move On Moving would be our actual mover we would have never agreed based on their many poor reviews.

    Missing item – I am missing my wedding ring. My ring was placed with items that should not have been packed. Some of the items were packed and my wedding ring is now missing. My ring is nowhere to be found after unpacking and searching through everything.

    Over charge on pickup – Based on the many reviews this appears to be the most common complaint and is clearly extremely dishonest and leaves the customer with no other choice but to pay. Move On held literally everything we owned hostage unless we paid an extra $2,200 from the original quote otherwise they would take all of our belongings to the closest storage and charge another $2,500 unless we paid immediately. We had no choice but to pay and attempt to deal with this later. Move On told us they overfilled their truck because they only had extra large wardrobe boxes and could not efficiently pack in such large boxes. The packing team told us that "If we had smaller boxes we could have packed everything in without the extra charge." This was not our fault as we did NOT indicate what boxes to provide.

    LOTS of broken items on delivery – Nothing was packed appropriately, literally nothing! The packing team did not use any packing material other than paper to wrap some, not all, of our dishes. Breakable items were thrown in a extra large wardrobe boxes, my electric guitar was thrown in the same box as a 45+ lb miter saw and other tools. The guitar is destroyed! Electronics are broken because they were not packed without care, just thrown in a box.

    Damaged to floors – We had a full service move originally scheduled via a broker. The broker indicated everything would be packed well and protection put down on the floors. None of this happened! They left with massive gouges in our new hardwood staircase, floor and tile. When asked they first tried to say they were already like that. When pressed they agreed they did it but indicated that "that this is part of moving, things get scratched." These were beyond scratches and could have been avoided.

    Issues with pick-up – The team arrived exhausted because they indicated they had "a 10 hour drive and left at 2am in the morning" to get to our house by 10am. They continued to complain about how tired they were.

    Mess left behind – The moving crew left plastic wrap, rolls of tape, soda cans, water bottles and general junk outside and inside. Our neighbors brought the mess to our attention. We had to clean up a massive mess left by the crew. I sent pictures to Move On and even they agreed the mess was unacceptable but were not willing to compensate for anything.

    Wrong size truck – As mentioned above, Move On did not know we were moving a 4 bedroom house and did not bring a large enough truck. They had to leave a lot of items behind to be picked up a few days later, close to midnight the night before we had tenants moving in. This was also added to the reason of charging us the additional $2,200. I did not have any control over what size truck they provided.

    Late delivery – The broker gave us a $450 discount for a very specific three day delivery window between August 9th and August 11th. We called on the 9th, left a message with a dispatcher and was told we would get a call back, nothing. August 10th we called again, talked to someone again and they indicated we would get a call back by end of day, nothing. Called again on August 11th, the last day of our scheduled delivery window, directly to customer service and demanded an answer only to find out everything was at least another 1.5 to three weeks out from delivery! We finally received our delivery on August 22nd. Pickup was on July 21st. We did not have access to anything for 30 days.

    Payment – Our contract clearly outlined that cash or money order was accepted. We called on 7/20 to confirm this. On 7/21 we discovered that money order from the USPS or cash are the only accepted forms of payment. The money order we planned on using from a grocery story would not be accepted despite what our contract outlined. We had to scramble, coordinate with our bank and miss work to get the USPS money orders on time otherwise all of our items would be sent to storage.

    Poor customer service – We have called every day since August 29th to get the claim form and start the claims process. As of September 6th we have not received the forms to initiate our claim.

  • 1.0 star rating


    Updated review

    Awful, awful company. In addition to lying repeatedly over a month's time about a delivery date, losing (or destroying or stealing) several pieces of furniture, and boxes, and demanding additional payment on delivery, the company also has refused to date to satisfy the claim I filed. Be forewarned, the insurance company they work with – Csipros – is not an insurance company. Csipros is a third party claims adjuster working on behalf of the moving company. When Csipros "resolves" your claim, that means they turn over their findings to Move On Moving for payment. Whether you receive payment from Move On Moving is strictly between you and Move On. Csipros advised I can sue Move On if not satisfied. This move has been the worst experience I have ever had as a consumer. Do not hire Move On Moving. They are thoroughly isreputable.

    1.0 star rating


    Previous review

    I contracted with MOVEON (which does business as Valley Movers at exact same address) to move my 91…

    Read more

  • 1.0 star rating


    -10,000 stars
    WARNING***** DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY ****They came with only 30% of a truck to collect my items to be moved. This company picked up my items in the middle of June. After 1 month I called to see when my items were to be delivered. I was told I would have 24 hours notice before drop off. I get a text the evening before around 6pm saying they will be here in the morning between 8-10am. The delivery person called at 12pm to say he was there. He said he called before but he never left a voicemail who he was as I couldn't take his call while I was in the restroom. He drives to my apartment complex with a 18 wheeler truck, BY HIMSELF, then the company wants to charge me an extra $500 because the truck THEY those choose to deliver my items won't fit in the entrance of my apartment complex. Unless you live on the side of the road or on a ranch 18 wheeler parking is usually NOT available/accessible for home deliveries of furniture, boxes, or appliances. So I'm being penalized for their error and they are refusing to deliver my items to me unless I pay their extortion fees. They've stolen a military veteran's life belongings. I hope they're real proud of themselves. I hope they are treated in a similar fashion. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVING COMPANY AT ALL. VERY SHADY. We now have to start rebuilding everything they've stolen from us.

  • 1.0 star rating


    This was the worst experience I have ever had. The lack of professionalism and customer service was extreme. I hired a company who them brokered it to Move On Movers. I was quoted one price, then charges 3 times that. Our stuff took a month to receive and when we did receive it (after many calls, lies and threats made to me from the company rep) the men delivering it told me "I hope you have our insurance information. You will need it." Boxes crushed, furniture damaged, and stuff literally stolen. Bins unwrapped and opened and emptied. Delivered with 2 things of 30 in it. I have filed my claim with the insurance and the response I have gotten is that Move On Movers will not respond so they can honor the claim. It has been a year. My next step is to file a complaint with the Attorney General, the police for the theft and my attorney. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE !!! They do not care about your belongings or memories.

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